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About Us

The Green Connection, Inc. is an active composting facility regulated by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The Green Connection is fully insured and has all its necessary local and state permits required to operate as a compost facility at 108 Stockbridge Road, Scituate.

We specialize in green waste recycling and create value added products such as mulch, loam, wood chips, compost, manure and fill. We also provide superior quality landscape materials such as firewood, rocks, fieldstone, crushed stone, sand and stone dust!

Paul T. Nielsen, President and owner, has actively worked in the organic recycling industry for over 20 years and has extensive experience in all facets of the operation and management required for a composting facility.

Prior to founding The Green Connection, Paul owned and managed a landscaping & firewood business for ten years; he developed and maintained relationships with other landscapers and as a landscaper, Paul learned first hand about the unique challenges landscapers are presented with relative to green waste disposal. Today, The Green Connection, Inc. values Paul's strong ties to the landscaping community and The Green Connection considers landscapers as business partners.

The Green Connection, Inc. is supported by an extensive network of local suppliers, contractors, experienced professionals and of course its employees!

The Green Connection - making mulch

Paul T. Nielsen aka "Pauly Kid"