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Soil Amendments

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Community Involvement
Hope in Bloom

 Roberta Dehman Hershon, Founder

Hope in Bloom is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that plants gardens free of charge at the homes of women and men undergoing treatment for  cancer. The program operates throughout Massachusetts.

The Green Connection® is honored to support Hope in Bloom by donating mulch and soil amendments to those battling cancer right here on the south shore, the community in which we serve.  So many families, including ours, have been or currently are, supporting loved ones undergoing treatment for cancer. Request a garden from Hope in Bloom or learn how you can help.

In loving memory of Leisel Mitchell, an enthusiastic gardener during her time with us.  We miss you and we love you. 

In honor of Rosemarie Hahn, a breast cancer survivor! 

In honor of Ann Caruso, a breast cancer survivor!

Hope Blooms in Marshfield
Read Marshfield Mariner article here

Hope in Bloom volunteers Pat Cook of Duxbury, left, and Camille Rogers of Westwood 
Nancy Yelverton's home in Marshfield. Marshfield Mariner 7/13/2010 



Interfaith Social Services

Interfaith Social Services

Is a private, non-profit agency serving Braintree, Cohasset, Hingham, Holbrook, Hull, Milton, Quincy, Randolph, Scituate, and Weymouth with programs such as the Food Pantry, Career Closet and Bureau Drawer to name a few. learn more

"Only with community support can we fulfill our mission.  This past year has shown us what we already knew; the recession has hit home for many families.  We view these difficult times as an opportunity to rally as a community and to help our neighbors in need. We are beyond grateful for all of the support received from caring individuals and organizations.  We have seen an increase of 30% in contributions since last year.  We appreciate the continued efforts from companies like The Green Connection and the generosity of all their customers that participate in the food drive."      Rick Doane, Executive Director

Fall 2013
Kicking off our annual food drive this fall.  We are asking you to join us in helping those less fortunate than us here on the south shore by donating non perishable food.  When our driver arrives with your order, he will pick up your donation.  On your behalf, we will deliver to Interfaith Social Services.  As a donor, you may redeem a $1/Yd off your order with us.  Jump on board, together we can help a neighbor in need.  THANKS in ADVANCE for joining us

Let us work together to help a neighbor in need.


Everyone, including us, has the best intention to give back to our community.  But often finding the time to volunteer is super challenging, especially when you work full time and have loved ones to care for.


So how can YOU help give back to our community? 


Jump on Board with us! Give your donations of non perishable food to our driver when your product delivery arrives.  The Green Connection will take care of the rest on your behalf!

RECYCLE your old clothes for the Bureau Drawer or Thrift Shop.  Men and Women professional attire is in demand for the Career Closet.  Call us to coordinate a pick up of your old clothes.

All proceeds are donated to Interfaith Social Services


Proceeds to be donated to Interfaith Social Services Food Pantry

TGCI will be collecting canned food during the holidays on behalf of the Interfaith Social Services Food Pantry, a private, non-profit agency serving Braintree, Cohasset, Hingham, Holbrook, Hull, Milton, Quincy, Randolph, Scituate and Weymouth.

When: The Green Connection will run the food drive through the holidays, indefinitely.

To donate: To participate in the food drive, please drop off canned goods at TGCI business office at 259 Stockbridge Road in Scituate.

"Each weekday morning men, women and children stand in line waiting for the Pantry Shelf to open; more than 40 households are served each day. We try to provide 3-5 days of food for each household and clients may come for food once each month. As food prices continue to rise, more and more families and individuals are forced to come for food. Their weekly income is not enough to cover the cost of rent and utilities let alone food. Our clients are South Shore residents who because of financial hardship need assistance with food. Many are on fixed incomes due to age or disability, while others are unemployed or Transitional Assistance recipients. Some come on a one time emergency basis, others on a more regular basis."
-Interfaith Social Services





Thank you for organizing the Food Bank Drive.  Enclosed please fin Mac N Cheese, Sugar Cookie Kit & Snack Packs. 



Happy Holidays

Kristen and Bruce Alltop 

Marshfield, MA


Marshfield Kids at Play

Spring 2010 - 20 Cubic Yards of our ORGANIC DARK MULCH donated!

Winter 2010 - 8 Cubic Yards of COMPOST donated!

Fall 2009
DONATION OF 68 Cubic Yards in total of SUPER LOAM to Marshfield Kids at Play, Inc.

PLAY.  LAUGH.  DREAM.  Jump on Board with The Green Connection and help build Marshfield's new community playground. Visit their blog.


In the world of fundraising, you never get what you want on the first call...or the first time you ask....Last week, an email came to us from our GC, asking the group to source some loam at a very, very, very affordable price (free?)....We made two calls for loam that day with no luck. The next day we developed a short list of three new suppliers, and I made the first call. The Green Connection Inc. in Scituate was first on my list. As the phone rang, I took a deep breath- I'm not the best at asking for free stuff. Laura Nielsen, a Marshfield Resident, answered the phone and asked how I was. Her voice put me at ease, so I came right out and said, 'I'm a little tense because I am about to ask you for a lot of free loam.' We talked, I explained the project, and she asked me how much we would need? We estimated 100 yards of topsoil, but we could mix in a good amount of compost, so I went for 50 yards to start. She responded... 'No problem Tony'. I called our GC back to confirm how much we would need, and he suggested 60 yards of loam. When I called Laura back, she responded again, 'Sure, no problem, we can do the whole 60. When do you need it?' Yesterday...less than a week later, we were ready for loam and there it was ...being delivered on site, for free, with one phone call to the Green Connection. Now imagine this happening over and over again, behind the scenes, since this project began. Go to Library Plaza and look at all the work that has been achieved with little or no cost for labor, and most materials given at cost or donated...During these economic times, its amazing to see how our community has come together to support a project for our kids."

-Tony Pina, AIA

Did you know?

"The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children participate in active play/exercise for at least 1 hour per day."

Shape Your Future

Other ways we Help
Marshfield Farmer's Market!

We are excited to support one of our fab local markets!  check 'em out!

CLICK  Marshfield Farmer's Market!

Spring 2011 Hanson Earth Day Event
Our third year in supporting this fun filled educational event!  This year Hanson Children's Museum joined Green Hanson in celebrating Earth Day!  

Families learned about gardening, recycling & the environment, saving energy like with hybrid cars and more. Children had arts & crafts activities, there were snacks, a free concert, and more fun stuff.

Spring 2011 Good Shepherd's Maria Droste Services of Quincy, MA

Hosted a fundraiser featuring a gift of an outdoor firepit.  Well, what's an outdoor pit without some wood to burn?  1/2 cord of camp firewood donated to accompany the firepit gift.  Congratulations to recipient, June of Weymouth, MA.  Please visit them on line to see how you can support this non profit organization.

Spring 2011 Marshfield area Habitat for Humanity
One of many volunteers, Kerry Richardson of Organic Plant Magic, Marshfield, MA donated his time & truck which we loaded up with a donation of compost for the project! 

Spring 2011    South Shore Charter Public School
Voted Greenest School in America 2010-2011!

                          Introducing first hybrid school bus in Massachusetts!
Well, these folks sure have jumped on board the greenwave!  We thank South Shore Charter School for their business and we were so pleased to support the arrival of the first hybrid school bus in Massachusetts.  Super exciting stuff!!  Be sure to visit them online to learn what our next generation is working on! And join us in helping educate our youth by supporting South Shore Charter School.

Spring 2011 Supporting the Scituate Beautification Committee
We welcome members of the committee to come with bucket and shovel in hand to scoop up some of our soil amendments to help beautify many islands in Scituate! 

The Green Connection®, Inc. is pleased to help & support

Summer 2010   DONATION of 1/2 Cord of Firewood

Make a purchase at the Giant Yard Sale for MS on Saturday August 28th at the Country Marketplace on Rte 139 in Marshfield and get a chance to win A HALF CORD of FREE Seasoned Firewood delivered to your home!

All proceeds from the Country Marketplace Yard Sale will go to multiple sclerosis (MS). So Jump on Board— donate stuff like your old furniture, books, CD’s, clothing, electronic parts, tools.

Country Marketplace is accepting donations anytime at their Independence Mall, Kingston location, the South Shore Plaza, Braintree location OR Sat & Sun 10a - 2p at COUNTRY MARKET PLACE, Route 139 MARSHFIELD

Jump on Board and HELP a Neighbor in Need!

Spring 2010  DONATION of 3 Yards Compost to HANSON EARTH DAY EVENT

Hanson celebrated Earth Day with lots of family fun including face painting, a band, raffle and more!

The Green Connection sponsored Hanson's Earth Day event by donating compost for the raffle. Congratulations to winner Matt Dwyer of Hanson!!


Spring 2010 Paul T. Nielsen, Volunteer Coach for Scituate Rec Dept.
Coach Pauly Kid for the girl's middle school softball team. 
TEAM DIAMONDS -- YOU ROCK!! GREAT JOB GIRLS! Thanks for letting me be your coach.


Fall 2009 Jump on Board with The Green Connection, Inc. and help a neighbor in need!

Please join us in supporting the Marshfield Community Christmas Organization, a non-profit organization founded in 1979 in an effort to help needy and lonely members of the community by giving them new toys, small gifts and food certificates in the hopes of making Christmas a little more joyful. Learn more


Fall 2009

The Green Connection applauds Scituate High School Senior Chet Kupchella's community endeavor to enhance and beautify a public trail in a Scituate town forest! Chet demonstrated outstanding leadership skills throughout this community project including seeking donations of time and supplies as well as coordinating the help of a local Boy Scout troop. Chet also successfully earned rank of Eagle Scout! TGCI was happy to support Chet and the community project by donating 10 Yards of our natural wood chips!

See our Photos!

To The Green Connection:
"You have my sincerest thanks for contributing to my Eagle project with such a generous donation of woodchips. All ten yards were put to very good use on a public path through the Scituate Town Forest. A section of path had previously been impassable due to deep mud and poison ivy cover, but thanks to you is now a pleasant part of an afternoon stroll. To see it, park at the town forest just north of the Sunoco Station on 3A in Scituate. From there you will be able to walk to Clapp Road . . . Again, thanks for everything and I hope that business is well." -Chet Kupchella

Fall 2009
Donation Half a Cord of Firewood to B.C.High

The Green Connection, Inc. supports B.C.High fund raising event by donating a Half a Cord of Firewood.

Funds raised will help the school start a rowing team!

Did you know? "Kids who enjoy sports and exercise tend to stay active throughout their lives. Immediate benefits include maintaining a healthy weight, feeling more energetic, and promoting a better outlook. Participating in team and individual sports can boost self-confidence, provide opportunities for social interaction, and offer a chance to have fun. And regular physical activity can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and other medical problems later in life."  Kids Health


Fall 2009
Firewood donation to local school

For the sixth consecutive year a donation of 1/2 cord of firewood to the Vinal School, Norwell

Dear Paul, Terry and everyone at The Green Connection,
"On behalf of the Vinal PTO and the Vinal School, we would like to thank you for generously supporting The Vinal School at the Back to the 80s Dinner Dance with your auction donation of a half cord of seasoned firewood. The dinner dance will enable the PTO to continue sponsoring so many wonderful programs at Vinal this year." -Caroline Nowak
Back to the 80s Dinner Dance Committee


Spring 2009
BOY SCOUT TROOP Visits The Green Connection

...and Pauly Kid teaches the troops about composting green waste at our permitted facility! Fun rides on the loader and viewing of cool artifacts discovered while screening out yard waste! View the photos from the Spring 2009 event here.

Spring 2009 DONATION Pembroke Field of Dreams

Pauly Kid LOVES surfing, but BASEBALL is sure great, too!!

Paul is pleased to be able to donate 40 yards of our super loam
to help The Field of Dreams baseball fields.

The Green Connection sponsor Donates to Field of Dreams

The Green Connection sponsor
Donates to Field of Dreams

April 2009 Hanover Mall Event The Green Connection sponsors
 Celebrate Earth Day!

The Green Connection, Inc. sponsors
South Shore Recycling Cooperative's Celebrate Earth Day link

For the kids! The mission of the Green Connection is to educate on the value of recycling while striving to create an eco-friendly world. We will illustrate ways to save the environment with a puppet show by Lisa Manning (link) that all ages will enjoy! So jump on board the Green Wave with The Green Connection, Inc. and join us at Celebrate Earth Day. Details


March 2009
of 3 Yards Organic Dark Mulch

To: Hawk Higgins Campaign for Scituate Mayor 2009.
Dave Larsen of Pembroke


Fall 2008 Donation
of 1/2 Cord Wood

To: Bark 'N' Howl in Scituate.
Anne Pollard of Marshfield


Time donation to YWCA

Two consecutive years of donation of time to the South Shore YWCA, Marshfield, MA by Paul Nielsen.


Volunteer coach

Paul Nielsen volunteer basketball coach for the Town of Scituate Recreation Department.