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To calculate the total cubic yardage of mulch or soil you need,
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Step 1: Enter length and width of area to be covered:
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  • How much does a yard of your product cover?
    A yard here at The Green Connection is a cubic yard. One cubic yard covers a 10' x 10' area at a 3" depth. We have added a conversion calculator to our website to help you determine how much product you need.  Of course, we are here to help you


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GIFT CERTIFICATES available with your personalized message! Comes in a re-useable hand made cotton tote so you can stuff more gardening goodies in for added treat!  PERFECT gift for your special gardener!

Remember we offer FREE DELIVERY on most of the south shore for any order of 3 yards or more of the same product!

The Green Connection, Inc. is pleased to offer any of its products by the bag!  $7.50/Bag plus tax.  Re-use the bag next order and take $2/bag off!  Bagged products can ship with any order you place for delivery.  Walk-ins welcome at our Hanover location 111 Mayflower Drive.



     Pauly Kid has got ya'  covered!!

Our best-selling Organic Dark Mulch, and president and founder Paul T. Neilsen
Organic Dark Mulch
100% Natural and dark brown in color. The Green Connection ®. exclusive and our best seller!

Our exclusive Organic Dark Mulch
Stays Black! Stays Black!
Pat Black

Color enhanced. Goes down black and stays black. Popular demand!

Aewsome texture, not chippie so it goes down nice and smoothe.

Stays Black! Stays Black!
Made with natural cedar. Made with natural cedar.
Red Cedar Blend
Made with natural cedar. Hmmm, smells nice! A  red color enhanced mulch - the brightest red product line we carry
Made with natural cedar. Made with natural cedar.
100% pure hemlock. All natural and no dyes!
 oooh la la  this  product is premium, top shelf, cream of the crop...well you get the idea!

100% pure hemlock. All natural and no dyes!    Rare and hard to find, but look no more thanks to Pauly Kid!
Reddish/Brown, very subtle - gorgeous!
Limited time offer!

DK Berry Blend
Bark mulch.  Blend of aged soft woods with a dark redish brown color enhancement


Stays Black! A blend of aged barks from up North.
Pine Bark
A blend of aged barks from up North. Clean, fresh uplifting scent!  Product comes from northern New England.

Pine Bark A blend of aged barks from up North.

Cranberry Mulch
Your rhodies and azaleas will love this mulch.  A nice selection for plantings preferring a more acidic environment! How 'bout your blueberry bushes & patches!

Simply Brown!

A plain brown mulch made of very well aged pine bark & pine logs.  An earthy scent like soil - not fragrant.  Simply priced, too!

Playground Chips A blend of aged barks from up North.
Playground Chips
Soft and cushiony for little bottoms and feet. Try it under your swingset! Product comes from northern New England & local suppliers.
Soft and cushiony playground chips Playground Chips
Natural Wood Chips Natural Wood Chips
Natural Wood Chips
Excellent ground cover.

Natural Wood Chips Natural Wood Chips

Kiln dried
Pine Shavings
now available for horse & pet bedding. Also great for backyard chickens and of course garden path walkways!
Try it by the bag or the truckload.

Hay Bales

Special order custom color-enhanced
Color Me Mulch
A special order. Custom, color enhanced mulch: Choose from Cypress, Yellow, Green and more. Call or email Pauly Kid to learn more!
Choose from Cypress, Yellow, Green and more.

 No one makes mulch like Pauly Kid!

Super Loam
Super Loam
Screened and mixed with compost.  SUPER for new grass!

Your lawn's new hero!

the power is in its blend!

SUPER for new lawns!
Compost Compost

  1. Compost

    Screened. All natural leaf compost. Give your lawn and gardens a healthy diet.


Compost Compost

Top Dressing
less than 1/2" screened! dark, fine, nutrient rich organic soil amendment

Horse Manure
Horse Manure
Screened. Fabulous soil booster for vegetable gardens and flower beds. Aged over one year. Product comes from local farms!

Horse Manure
Vege Blend Vege Blend
Vege Blend
A custom blend soil amendment consisting of loam, compost and horse manure! For everyone breaking ground to grow their own vegetables, this soil amendment is a must try!

and yes, it's great for your flower beds, too

Vege Blend Vege Blend

Dairy Dung

Doo up your soils with local dung.  Aged cow manure from south shore moo cows.
Save money with a conventional product while supporting our local farms.

Limited supply - call for availability.

Earthlife™ Fertilizer
gentle, soil-enrichment for lawns, shrubs, vegetables, and flowers
40lb Bags

Pauly Kid LOVES makin' products! Special orders are SUPER FUN so call him for your custom blend of choice!

Stone Dust
Stone Dust
Blue/Grey color and very fine. Local supplier!

Stone Dust

Crushed Stone

3/4" Blue/Grey color. Good use for drainage and driveways. Local supplier!

Crushed Stone
Crusher Run

Crusher Run
Mix of 3/4" stone and stone dust. Great hard pack. Local supplier!

Crusher Run

3/4" Washed Stone - Light Gray


Masonry sand for little kids and big kids, alike; Use in sandboxes or to make concrete. Local supplier!


try 'em as a border along your beds and walkway or use for driveways!


Rocks and Fieldstone

Building a water garden or stone wall? Perhaps a spiral herb garden, well you are going to need some of these!

Beach Rounds
perfect for a fish Pond
4" - 10" smoothe, rounded stones in a natural color shown in photo on the left and also shown on the left hand side of the picture to the right. To far right are some fieldstones.
 FREE DELIVERY with minimum order of one cord or more!

Our firewood delivered to your home!

Picture taken Spring 2011
Firewood processing at our site

Traditional Firewood $330/Cord
Good ol' fashioned firewood - our tried and true. 

Seasoned traditional firewood
one year in age or more bark on

Unseasoned traditional firewood
less than a year in age, bark on!

KILN DRIED FIREWOOD! coming soon! get on our waiting list now!

Bark Off (Naked) Firewood
ask about availability

What kind of wood do we have?
New England hard woods like Oak, Maple, Cherry and blend of others

What length is it?
Average 16" - 18" in length. 
Inventory turns over quickly, so just ask us about lengths available.

Check out our FAQ's

Be sure to ask about our stacking services!


Pauly Kid featured in the Patriot Ledger Fall 2008

 Picture taken Summer 2011

Firewood stockpiled at our site

Picture taken September 2011 
Firewood stocked in our warehouse!


Gotta a chiminea or a fire pit?  Well, we have just what you need: camp firewood.  Save your good hard wood for your fireplace or wood stove.


      Bagged camp firewood


Sondi's Gift-it!

Local artisan often uses raw materials like cedar wood and rocks from our composting site to make Indoor/Outdoor hand painted wall hangings on slate, cedar and other woods.  Quaint trinket gifts like Monster Rocks are a huge hit with the kids. Sondi's Gift-it also provides custom artwork for your personalized garden stepping stones & accents, signs and more!    

Pauly Kid's Rustic Remnants

Unique rustic accent pieces for your home made right here by our own in house cabinet maker using raw materials from our composting site.