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The sustainable option to landfill dumping

Yard waste such as leaves, grass clippings, stumps and brush are recyled at our permitted compost facility regulated by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).


Green Waste Recyling

begins our composting process. Raw materials, the green waste, are refined and recycled to build our organic mulches and soil amendments.


The intricate recycling process

yields all-natural products while simultaneously assists in creating an eco-friendly world.


From green waste to

superior quality products that are friendly to the environment and cost efficient to the consumer.


The best step

delivering our superior quality landscape materials and value added products to you!



about doing business with us! Call and book your order today!


Our Customers love our products

Why? See for yourself! Pauly Kid's Super Loam & Mulch. Our customer's beautiful lawn and garden.



We have what you need for that new landscape design or garden design! Whether landscape ideas or gardening call The Green Connection for mulch, compost, topsoil, loam, stone, soil and more.  Our landscape supplies are what you need for all your back yard ideas!

The Green Connection®
Since 1991
A company built from the ground up - literally!

Once a company that started with a handful of customers, today has become one of the south shore's favored places to come to for landscape supplies and firewood with its best selling products - organic dark mulch, compost and super loam.

When looking for The Green Connection, look no further than our logo.  Like Pauly Kid says
If you see the tree, you know it's me!

There is only one -
THE GREEN CONNECTION® and you are here! 

Twenty-two years ago, Paul was not sure what was in store for him, but he had a vision - a green vision!  The years of success are due to Paul's insight and commitment to helping the environment by green waste recycling and of course his passion for composting and creating great mulch and soil amendments for his customers.  Paul realized early on the importance of organic recycled products.  His foresight developed into a green movement with the creation of innovative, recycled landscape supplies made from yard waste diverted from our community's landfills. 

Founder/owner Paul T. Nielsen developed a solution that would comply with state regulations while fostering an eco-friendly world.  In his words: "Caring for the environment is not a temporary a company we are committed to being socially responsible by helping the global environment one backyard at a time."  So you can feel good about using our MULCH, LOAM and COMPOST to beautify your home and neighborhood!   Jump on board the Greenwave with The Green Connection and help protect the environment one back yard at a time with us! 



The Green Connection's Organic Dark Mulch, Compost and Super Loam are Pauly Kid's original innovations since 1991

Our diverse product offerings of landscape supplies stem back to 1991!  Top selling landscape supplies include Pauly Kid's original innovations ORGANIC DARK MULCH, COMPOST, and SUPER LOAM!  Custom soil blends are great fun for Paul.  Soil amendments such as our Vege Blend may be customized to include horse manure or Dairy Dung - the choice is yours!  Other products include rocks and fieldstones, crushed stone, stone dust, many ground coverings like wood chips, playground chips and color enhanced mulches. And of course we have  several firewood products.  Our traditional bark on and our new Bark OFF, both seasoned and unseasoned firewood is available in custom lengths.  We offer stacking services, too!  The Green Connection also gives FREE DELIVERY on the coastal south shore with orders of 3 yards or more of the same product or a cord of firewood or more. Recycling green waste, composting, makin' the mulch it's what we are all about!

The Green Connection truly cares about its customers.  We are committed to providing exceptional service as well as superior landscape supplies! With over 30 years of industry experience, Pauly Kid is pleased to stand by each and every one of his products.
The Green Connection is celebrating 22 years in business at 108 Stockbridge Road, Scituate, and founder/owner Paul T. Nielsen still leads the way in green waste recycling with his superior landscape supplies! Rooted in Scituate and now sprouting in Hanover! Pleased to annouce a newly acquired 5 acre site located at 111 Mayflower Drive, Hanover (off Circuit Street).  Open for retail while phase II construction gets underway. Come GROW with us! 

Create gardens of perfection with The Green Connection®